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The Plant Library

plant library

This year, C3West is working with communities in Schofields and surrounds to explore edible, locally grown plants for The Plant Library.

As part of the project, Cornersmith was invited to collaborate on food, sharing and pickling workshops.

Other collaborators included Darug knowledge holder, Erin ‘Burramaring’ Wilkins who generously shared her knowledge on the diverse uses of plants from the Cumberland Plain and shared stories about their role as food and medicine, and their place in cultural practice. 

Artist Lauren Brincat created a pair of sculptural greenhouses which catalogue the diverse range of edible plants, both indigenous and immigrant, grown on the Cumberland Plains. 

Backyard Conversations event for The Plant Library, Quakers Hill, NSW, 27 July 2019, co-commissioned by C3West on behalf of Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Landcom, image courtesy and © the artists, photograph: Jaimi Joy