All About Kombucha

with Jaimee Edwards (Cornersmith head fermenter)

Everything you want to know about Kombucha but are afraid to ask. Kombucha is a sparkling sweet and sour probiotic beverage that is delicious and great for your health. Buying kombucha costs a fortune! So why not learn how to brew it yourself.

All About Kombucha

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In this class you will learn what a SCOBY is and how it ferments both green and black teas. Jaimee will show you how to create a range of flavours from warm and spicy to fresh and fruity, so you will never run out of inspiration. Plus she will ease any worries with trouble shooting tips to have you brewing like a pro in no time.

  • Take home your own SCOBY to get brewing
  • Flavour and take home your own green tea kombucha.
  • Flavour and take home your own black tea kombucha 

Bring your questions and enthusiasm for fermenting fun! Learn all the fundamentals of brewing kombucha at home whilst enjoying lots of testers.

1.5 hours.

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