Online Course: Pickling




Pickling is our most popular class, and now you can learn online, in your own kitchen, at your own pace.

In this course, Cornersmith owner, Alex Elliott-Howery will guide you through the fundamentals of vinegar-based pickling and talk you through everything you need know to get started at home.

She will share her three favourite pickling recipes:

  • Bread and Butter Cucumber Pickles,
  • Pickled Baby Beetroots and
  • Sweet Pickled Pears to explain the process and foundations of pickling.

You will learn everything from how to select the best produce to the importance of the type of vinegar and salt to use. Alex will also cover food safety, sterilisation, heat processing and the equipment needed so you can fill up your pantry for the seasons ahead.

Plus, you’ll learn interesting Cornersmith-style flavour combinations and the best ways to add pickles into your everyday cooking.

After this course you’ll be confident and inspired to pickle everything!

What’s included?

  • 3 x step by step video tutorials
  • 2 x essential steps videos covering jar sterilisation and heat processing
  • 2 x bonus recipes
  • 1 x handbook full of essential information, recipe cards and plenty of tips
  • 1 x pickling chart full of flavour inspiration
  • 1 x troubleshooting guide
  • Shopping lists
  • Access to our online Facebook Preserving Club

Course outcomes:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the foundations of pickling
  • Understand and master food safety and storage
  • Understand how which ingredients and equipment are best to use
  • Gain the confidence to change recipes to suit you and your tastebuds
  • Learn practical skills to begin eating seasonally
  • Use pickling as a way to use up your excess vegetables and reduce your kitchens food waste

This course is appropriate for absolute beginners, to those needing a refresher or those who want extra tips to improve their pickling.

This is the essential guide to successful pickling at home.

This course makes a great present. If you’d like to gift it to someone else please purchase the Online Course Voucher below.