The Picklery

The Picklery is Cornersmith’s hub of preserving and the home of the cooking school.  

This is where the Cornersmith Picklers make all of the delicious preserves that go on our shelves and get served in the cafe. Our collection of preserving equipment, jars, cookbooks, small batch vinegars and other hand picked specialty items will set you up with all you need to start preserving at home. 

The Cooking School is still on pause until early 2021, you can stay up in the loop with updates by signing up to our newsletter. For enquiries about private workshops, get in touch here.

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Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

Saturdays: 9am-2pm

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441 Illawarra Road Marrickville


[email protected]

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Recent Recipes

Tomato, peach, tarragon, sumac summer salad

Serves 2-4This is the perfect simple summer salad when tomatoes and stone fruit are ripe, delicious and abundant. The sumac adds a sour tang to the fruits, while the tarragon adds a savoury bite. Serve with ham, seafoods or with good crusty bread and fancy cheese. Ingredients 800g ripe tasty…
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Gin Pickled Cucumbers

These are a staple on Alex’s Christmas lunch table. Make a few jars and give them as gifts. On the big day eat them with cured fish and oysters, or ham sandwiches and cheese plates. Makes 2 x 300 ml jars Ingredients 500g of cucumbers  2 teaspoons of salt  plus…
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