We have some big news to announce, this morning we packed up our pickles and moved out of our Marrickville café. We have not made this decision lightly but after an incredible 8 years, we have decided that it’s time to make some changes at Cornersmith.

We opened that little shop in 2012, when we had two little kids and a little idea to have our own café. We had no idea Cornersmith would grow into the beautiful beast it has become and we are especially proud that it all started in a tiny little corner shop in the middle of Marrickville.

Everything that Cornersmith continues to be, started there. Our pickling, our produce trading, our community work, our first cook book and of course the incredible amount of local support. We want to thank everyone who drank coffee, had a meal, bought a jar of pickles or dropped off a bag of cumquats. We also want to thank all the beautiful Smithies that have worked so hard and created so much in the Marrickville café over the last 8 years.

For now, we are not sure what the next plan is, running a small business and raising a family is hard work and we are looking forward to a little less stress next year. But, as always, we are plotting and planning quietly at home and are looking forward to sharing our next plans for Cornersmith with you.

Marrickville has closed but you will still be able to have your Cornersmith fix at our Annandale cafe and buy pickles and take cooking classes up the road at the Picklery. So please come and say hi.

And if you see a perfect empty corner shop anywhere, drop us a line! We're keeping our eyes peeled.

Thanks again and here’s to new adventures together.

Alex and James. Xo

A little trip down memory lane to indulge our nostalgia! Some photos from the early days of  Marrickville….

Much love to our Community, we'll see you soon!