There will be a time to celebrate in the furture. We will have our family and friends over to share a meal and have a toast to good health. Make this project with that time in mind. The infusion of orange and coffee beans is rich and aromatic. A project to savour. Serve neat, over ice or in a cocktail. It's also delicious drizzled over cakes, fresh fruit or ice cream.


1 x 650ml bottle of rum

3 small oranges, whole

75 coffee beans

1/3 cup of raw sugar



You will need a wide mouthed jar that is at least 1 litre capacity.

Put the sugar into the bottom of the jar

Stud 25 coffee beans into each orange. Press them firmly into the orange skin, but allow them to be popping out.

Place each orange into the jar onto of the sugar.

Pour the bottle of rum over the oranges and sugar and seal the jar.

Now you wait.

Allow 4 weeks to pass. The sugar will dissolve in this time and the orange and coffee will have infused the rum.

After this time, take out the oranges and give the rum a mix. Decant into a serving bottle.

Celebrate your patience and enjoy neat or over ice. Also delicious drizzled over cakes, fresh fruit or ice cream.