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Learn the secrets of Cornersmith preserving without leaving the house. For our out of town friends, stuck at home friends and too busy to get to a class friends, these online courses are for you. Courses come with downloadable information, recipes and video content that is yours to keep - forever! Cook along at your own pace and in your own time. Just because you can’t get to Cornersmith, doesn’t mean Cornersmith can’t come to you.


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In each course, Cornersmith co-founder Alex Elliott-Howery, will guide you through three video recipes so you understand the foundations of your chosen topic. Each video takes you through your recipe step by step: from ingredients and equipment, as well as all the indispensable tips you don’t get from just reading a recipe. You will also receive support material with a troubleshooting guide, a handbook with all the extra information you need plus ideas on how to incorporate what you’ve made into your weekly meals.

These courses are appropriate for beginners to more experienced cooks, they are practical, fun and no fuss! Cornersmith’s Online Courses share the pleasures of good food and the wisdom of preserving to encourage seasonal eating and waste free cooking.

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