with Jaimee Edwards (founding Cornersmith pickler & fermenter)
A great introduction to the art and science of fermentation. Come and explore the fun of fermentation. Part magical art, part science, the process of fermentation creates probiotic rich foods that are delicious and healthy. Jaimee has been fermenting for over 10 years. Having done all the experimenting and faced all the challenges she will dispel fears and teach you all you need to know about the goodness of fermented vegetables.


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In this class you will make three different ferments and learn how to look after them at home and how to enjoy them in your daily meals. There will be plenty to taste and lots of information to give you the confidence to start your fermenting adventures.
  • A traditional sauerkraut
  • An authentic and vegan friendly kimchi
  • A seasonal brined vegetable

At the end of the workshop you will enjoy a Cornersmith plate with plenty of ferments, cheese and a glass of kombucha.

2 hours 

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